401, 25.02.2021, 20:00

Hello Management, Goodbye Coding

with: Cate Huston, Tammo Freese

In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of switching to a management position. What is it like, can you still code, and how should you go about it. We discuss this topic with Cate Huston and Tammo Freese. Also: Great recommendations and raccoons in the show notes!

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Our two guests in this episode are Cate Huston, Engineering Director at DuckDuckGo and Tammo Freese, Engineering Manager at Mobimeo.

This time, we discuss the progression from engineering to leadership. Have you considered becoming a team lead and going into management? Do you wonder if this is the right step? Will you still be coding or performing engineering work? This episode tries to shed light on some of these issues.

Apart from that, we also discuss management best practices, how to communicate tricky topics, how to handle remote teams and finally we dive into the fascinating topic of raccoons. We hope you enjoy this episode!


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Management Book Recommendations

  • A couple of books: Resilient Management
  • The Effective Manager
  • Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager.
  • First Break All the Rules
  • The Manager's Path
  • Strength-Based Leadership